Docksters currently knows four different modules, which can be enabled/disabled for your Docksters environment.

About structures

Smart buildings are a major segment of the IoT space. With modern IoT technology, building owners and operators are able to collect detailed data about their properties, giving them unprecedented insight into metrics like temperature, humidity, CO2, and lighting levels. The challenge: Turning all this raw data into actionable business information. That's where we come in. With our Structures module you can visualize and easily understand the building data that you collect.

Structures Overview

About dashboards

Visualisation of data is one of the key components of our platform. Ever since the first version of Docksters, we have had customers asking us for an easy way to visualise their data in a custom dashboard. With our new Dashboards module, we are giving your the freedom to create your own beautiful dashboards by simply dragging-and-dropping widgets on a grid-based canvas.

Dashboards Overview

About occupancy

Docksters has integrated support for facilities management. With Docksters you can quickly identify which zones, rooms and areas are occupied and which ones are empty. Docksters also gives you long term analysis to give you answers to questions like “Which days of the week are the busiest in the building?” and “Which of our meeting rooms are currently under used?”.

Occupancy Overview

About reports

Reports allow you to track the performance of your IoT devices and systems, identifying any issues or areas for improvement. This can help you optimize your processes and reduce downtime, leading to increased productivity and revenue.

Occupancy Overview