API Documentation

Use the Docksters API to access devices, data points, events, and more and seamlessly integrate your product into the workflows of dozens of devoted Docksters users. Every Docksters instance has access to a bag of tricks — a range of APIs that provide access to list, export, and import data.

Obtain a bearer token

For any request made to the Docksters API you will need to supply a Bearer token. The API call below will allow you to retrieve said token by supplying your Docksters username and password in the request body, and API key in the URL.

Example request to obtain a bearer token

curl https://api.docksters.io/login/YOUR_API_KEY_HERE \
  -d '{"username":"YOUR_USERNAME", "password": "YOUR_PASSWORD"}'

Authorization header

The Bearer token needs to be appended to the Authorization header in each subsequent call made to the Docksters API. Bearer tokens are valid for 60 minutes after retrieval.

Example request with bearer token

curl https://api.docksters.io/devices/list \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}"